Friday, August 1, 2014

Yay! It's the blogs anniversary and this is the 200 post :D

         It's been really cool getting to post a lot more on this blog
                    I've had a bad habit of not keeping that active posting my art 
on the Net art but that has changed now :)
                       I got a new phone this week, so now I can take photos of my
           sketchbook so it's going to be way easier to upload them
              ( I always do sketches when watching Movies and anime)
 Big thanks to my partner Beth for keeping me on track
and inspiring me to work harder.
                            This mite be a small achievement to other people but it 
keeps me excited to continue posting
 on this blog and I think
          the small things in life are awesome just like bugs  :)
                  I've added a like button to the blog so if you're too shy to comment,
         sometime it feels like I'm just talking to my self  here... lol


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